Candlelighters Bursery

In order to qualify for any of Candlelighters’ programs and services, a patient or survivor has to have had their treatment here in Eastern Ontario and their family has to be a current Candlelighters member. If a patient or survivor’s

The John A. Sanderson Bursary

This bursary is available to students that previously attended W. Ross Macdonald School for Students who are Blind and Partially Sighted in Brantford, Ontario Amount: $600-$1200 Number Available: Varies Deadline:November 19, 2021 Criteria This bursary is available to former students who

Making a Difference Award

Awarded on the recommendation of the Director of the Paul Menton Centre, to outstanding students with a documented permanent physical disability entering a program of study within the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science, the Arthur Kroeger College of

Dr. John Davis Burton Award

The John Davis Burton Award is an award to honor a student in good standing who has made a significant contribution toward awareness, equality and integration of persons with disabilities within the educational community. This award is given annually to a