Education for Life Bursary

The Education for Life Bursary is available to students who live in Alberta. 

Amount: 500$

Number Available: 10

Deadline: November 15th 2021

To mark the occasion of our 25th anniversary in 1998, Voice of Albertans with Disabilities initiated the Education for Life Bursary program. With this program, we support students who have a disability to achieve their post-secondary goals.


  • Have a disability
  • Live in Alberta
  • Registered for post secondary program
  • Use the bursary for tuition fees

How to Apply

  • Submit a completed application form to VAD by the deadline. Applications can be downloaded
  • Include one letter of reference from an adult other than a family member. (Only one letter of reference will be accepted.)
  • Write and submit a short biography (maximum 250 words), which includes educational goals.

Please send the application form with all the documents to:

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities

106-10423 178 ST NW, Edmonton,

AB T5S 1R5

Or email to

Phone 780-488-9088, 1-800-387-2514

All applicants for the Education for Bursary will be considered for the Elsa Marie Lodewyk Memorial Bursary. No additional application is required.

Elsa Marie Lodewyk was born on April 18, 1992, with severe Cerebral Palsy and was not expected to live for even a few days. She had a strong will to live, though, and lived a full life for almost 19 years. Elsa’s disabilities meant that she needed help from many people – her parents, siblings, teachers, schoolmates, caregivers, doctors and nurses. She touched the lives of many people with her gentle spirit and had many friends. Elsa showed that life is not what we accomplish but more about our relationships, listening and being a friend. Even though Elsa could not speak, she was able to contribute to the lives of many people and her life had a positive impact on many.

The Elsa Marie Lodewyk Memorial Bursary was established by her family to reflect Elsa’s generosity, kindness and gentleness. She would have been thrilled to know that she was helping another person with a disability.

To the Bursary Recipient: Just like Elsa, your life, too, will have more of an impact on others than you could ever imagine. We hope that this bursary will encourage you to live your life to the fullest and to be all that you can be.

The successful candidate will receive a one-time bursary of $1,000 from the Elsa Marie Lodewyk Memorial Bursary.

Contact Information

Voice of Albertans with Disabilities

106-10423 178 ST NW, Edmonton,

AB T5S 1R5

Phone 780-488-9088, 1-800-387-2514



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