Carol Shantz Bursary Award

Available to current clients or alumnus of KidsAbility enrolled in post-secondary school. 

Amount: Minimum of $1000

Number Available: 1

Deadline: The Carol Shantz Bursary information package will be available January 15th, 2022

Established to honour Carol Shantz, a former KidsAbility School Educator and Principal who retired in 2001, the award recognizes an individual who, through effort and perseverance, is seeking to cultivate their potential to its maximum by pursuing post-secondary education.


The applicant must:

  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident/landed immigrant, convention refugee, or a protected person living in Canada
  • have received services, either currently or in the past, from KidsAbility Centre for Child Development (formerly the Rotary Children’s Centre)
  • be accepted to attend a post-secondary institute, at a provincially recognized college, university, or community or vocational institution in Canada offering a degree or certificate in September of the year the Bursary is awarded

How to Apply

Apply online here.

Or contact:

Jenna Allan

Phone: (519) 886-8886 ext. 1293

Toll Free: (1) 888-372-2259 ext. 1293


The Applicant Must Submit: 

  • the completed application form
  • a photocopy of high school transcripts or transcripts of post-secondary study
  • 2 letters of support from individuals not related to the applicant (ex. teachers, therapists, community members, employers, physicians, etc.) Letters should include the length of time and capacity in which the writer has known the applicant, and why the supporter believes the applicant deserves the scholarship.
  • a 150-200 word essay/letter describing: plans and goals for the future, goals set and achieved, barriers and challenges overcome, community and extra-curricular involvement, relationship with KidsAbility, any other information helpful to the selection committee

Contact Information

KidsAbility Foundation

500 Hallmark Drive, Waterloo, ON N2K 3P5

Attention: Carol Shantz Bursary Fund

Phone: (519) 886-8886 ext. 1293

Toll Free: (1) 888-372-2259 ext. 1293