Candlelighters Bursery

In order to qualify for any of Candlelighters’ programs and services, a patient or survivor has to have had their treatment here in Eastern Ontario and their family has to be a current Candlelighters member. If a patient or survivor’s family was previously a Candlelighters member and their membership has lapsed, they must restore their membership by completing a membership application prior to accessing any program or service. If a family moves out of the catchment area (national capital and surrounding regions) they are no longer eligible to receive any of Candlelighters’ programs and services.

Amount:  Varies

Number Available: 2

Deadline: March 31st 3pm


Only member families are eligible for Candlelighters programs and services. Membership renewal is required on a year to year basis.

  • You must have been treated for some form of childhood cancer, or still be on treatment.
  • Your family is a current member family of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Support Programs Inc.
  • You are a Canadian Citizen or a landed immigrant.
  • You are between the ages of 17 and 23.
  • You are only eligible to be awarded this bursary once in the course of your post-secondary studies. You are, however, eligible to apply more than once.
  • If a childhood cancer patient or survivor applies for Candlelighters’ Bursary and will not be attending a post-secondary institution in our catchment area, they will remain eligible if they/their family remain living in the catchment area. i.e. patient/survivor lives in Ottawa when application received but intends to pursue post-secondary in another city/province/country.”

How to Apply

If you meet the required bursary eligibility, please contact the program coordinator to start the application. To learn more and contact the program coordinator click HERE

Contact Information

21 Concourse Gate, Suite 9
Ottawa ON  K2E 7S4

Phone:(613) 715 9157