ATEC Special Achievement Bursary

ATEC (The Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children) is an association that has consistently strived to improve the learning environment of those students who have come under the umbrella of Special Education or Student Services.

Amount: 500$

Number Available: 2

Deadline: March 31st

An ATEC Special Achievement Bursary will be awarded to a student who through personal sacrifice and effort has made the greatest strides in realizing his or her potential.


  • A student who has been enrolled in a recognized educational institution within the last twelve months.
  • A student who has been tested and diagnosed as having a learning pattern requiring special placement or some form of remedial help or course adjustment.
  • A student who has presented a positive role model to other students experiencing academic challenges (Difficulties).
  • A student who has made a concerted effort to become involved in extra curricular school activities.
  • A student who has consistently met or surpassed educational goals collaboratively set by the student, parents and all educators involved.
  • A student whose personal situation clearly shows a need for financial assistance.
  • A student going on to and accepted by post- secondary institution.

How to Apply

See your Guidance Counselor or teacher for an application form, or write to Mary MacCallum at the address below.

Apply online HERE.

Mail to:

Mary MacCallum

Vice President Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children

P.O. Box 122 Pictou, N.S. B0K 1H0