Other disabilities

  • Don McIntosh Memorial Award The Don McIntosh Memorial Award is available to students with physical disabilities residing in Saskatchewan  Amount: $500 Number: 1 Deadline: April 15th, 2019 In order to commemorate the work that Don McIntosh carried out for persons with physical disabilities, Cheshire Homes of Saskatoon established a memorial fund with donations received from his relatives and friends. Criteria The memorial fund is available ... Read more
  • Kenneth Bimmann Scholarship The Kenneth Bimmann Scholarship is available to students who are studying at the University of Saskatchewan and have a physical disability.  Amount: $1100 Number Available: varies Deadline: October 1st This scholarship is funded by the Kenneth Bimmann Fund. Criteria Open to students who have completed at least one year of study in the undergraduate or graduate degree program. Preference will be given to students ... Read more
  • Lisa Huus Memorial Bursaries The Lisa Huus Memorial Bursaries are available for students attending post-secondary education in British Columbia who have physical disabilities.  Amount: up to $5000 Number Available: varies Deadline: May 31st (annually) The Lisa Huus Memorial Fund was established in 1988 in memory of Lisa Pauline Huus, who was a third-year sociology student at the University of Victoria. A native of ... Read more
  • Lucie and Phil Latulippe Fund Fellowship The Lucie and Phil Latulippe Fund Fellowship is available to students at Université Laval who have motor or sensory disabilities.  Amount: $1500 Number: 4 Deadline: fall 2019  Donors: Lucie and Phil Latulippe Fund Goal: Promote the practice of sports activities for Laval University students who have a motor or sensory disability that is a constraint to their achievement. Criteria Being a person with a ... Read more
  • Memorial University Scholarships This page lists the scholarships available to disabled students attending Memorial University.  Amount: varies Number: varies Deadline: TBD Memorial University has a number of scholarships available to students with disabilities enrolled at the university. Due to the limited information available and the fact many of them have similar steps, all of them have been compiled here. Glenn Roy Blundon Memorial ... Read more
  • TD Meloche Monnex Insurance Scholarship for Students with Functional Disabilities (Motor or Sensory) The TD Meloche Monnex Insurance Scholarship for Students with Functional Disabilities (Motor or Sensory) is available to students with functional disabilities studying at the University of Laval.  Amount: $1000 Number: 3 Deadline: fall 2019, to be specified  Donors: Foundation of Laval University (FUL) and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Goal: Encourage students with a functional disability (motor or sensory) to pursue university studies that ... Read more
  • Wade Hampton Employment Training Bursary The Wade Hampton Employment Training Bursary is awarded to an individual with a physical disability who is pursuing a professional development program.  Amount: $1500 Number Available: 1 Deadline: N/A No one embodied the spirit and vision of Ontario March of Dimes more than WWII flying veteran, Wade Hampton. At age 31, on the same day the polio vaccine was announced, ... Read more