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This page provides information about funding opportunities available specifically to students entering or attending post-secondary at McGill University. 

From the McGill Financial Aid Office:

McGill provides both merit- and need- based support to entrance and in-course students. While some of our awards may have a ‘preference’ for students with disabilities, we do not discriminate in our selection process as our awards are OPEN to all candidates. For entrance scholarships, there is NO application process as scholarships are awarded based on academics. For need based bursaries students APPLY and where eligible are awarded aid which is primarily based on demonstrated financial need; the selection of the award source is secondary.

General Information

  • Applications for McGill bursaries and loans may be accessed through the Financial Aid menu on Minerva. Applicants must arrange for an interview with a Student Aid Counsellor.
  • Bursaries and loans are granted on the basis of financial need to full-time students in a program of study leading to an undergraduate degree. Financial aid will be granted only if an adequate academic standing is attained.
  • All applicants for McGill aid must apply for maximum government grants/loans or other assistance for which they are eligible. Canadian and American students can consult a directory of government websites at
  • Unless otherwise stated, all funds listed in this section are administered by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office and inquiries should be made directly to that office.
  • Graduating students who wish to find out about funding to pursue graduate studies should consult the Graduate Fellowships and Awards Calendar at or visit the website at:

Scholarships with a Preference for Disabled Students

Bussandri Foundation Bursary: Established in 2010 by the Bussandri Foundation for undergraduate or graduate students in any faculty who have a disability. Claudio Bussandri, B.Eng. 1969, M.B.A. 1976, is the founder of the Bussandri Foundation. He received bursary support from the Student Aid Office for help with his hearing disability during his first year at McGill. In appreciation of this, he wishes to help other students with disabilities. Awarded by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office on the basis of academic standing and demonstrated financial need.

G. Allen Ross Bursary: Established in 1990 by the members of the Board of Unlimited Skills Inc., a company devoted to providing employment for the disabled, in memory of their former Chairman, G. Allen Ross, who was also one of the original officers of the Quebec Paraplegic Association. Awarded to a physically disabled student in any faculty on the basis of academic standing and financial need.

Jaclyn Lea Fisher Bursary: Established in 2016 in loving memory of Jaclyn (Jackie) Lea Fisher, B.A. (2015), who suffered from Crohn’s Disease from a young age and passed away at the age of 25 from a rare form of cancer, shortly after her graduation, by her parents Rina Shilman Fisher, M.Ed. (1988) and Larry Fisher, B.Com. (1977), D.P.A. (1979), and her sister Rachel Fisher, M.D., C.M. (2006). With an incredible and fearless spirit and love of life, Jackie’s dedication to helping those around her never wavered. Awarded by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office on the basis of demonstrated financial need and good academic standing to in-course students at McGill University. Preference will be given to students with a declared disability. Award Value: Varies

Martha Jane Poulson Memorial Scholarship: Established in 2002 by the Class of Medicine 1980 to honour the memory of Martha Jane Poulson, M.D.,C.M. 1980. Dr. Poulson exemplified excellence in the practice of both the art and science of Medicine. She also had a remarkable commitment to developing her skills and sensitivities in the arts and humanities. As a concert pianist, singer and leader in her community, she overcame physical adversity with emotional and spiritual strength that awed her friends and colleagues. Awarded on the basis of financial need by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office to medical students in good academic standing. Preference shall be given to students with physical disabilities.

Meribah Aikens Bursary: Established in 1992 by Student Services, friends, and colleagues on the occasion of the retirement of Mebbie Aikens, B.A. 1979, after many years of loyal service as Coordinator of Off-campus Housing, the Tutorial Service and the Service for Disabled Students. The fund reflects the respect of many friends who wished to recognize Mebbie’s warmth and dedication to students. Awarded on the basis of academic standing and financial need to students in any faculty with a preference to disabled students.

Disclaimer: McGill University reserves the right to make changes to the information contained in this publication—including correcting errors, altering award values, and revising or cancelling particular awards—without prior notification.

Contact Information

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