McGill University Financial Aid

This page provides information about funding opportunities available specifically to students entering or attending post-secondary at McGill University. 

AMI Robert Pearson Memorial Scholarship

The AMI Scholarship Program is Amount: $5000 Number: 2 (one student from the English community and one student from the French community) Deadline: February 16, 2021

Thomas Sorensen Memorial Scholarship

The Thomas Sorensen Memorial Scholarship is open to students with permanent disabilities registered with the Paul Menton Center at Carleton University.  Amount: $3000 Number: 1 Deadline: October 15th, 2021

Lucie and Phil Latulippe Fund Fellowship

The Lucie and Phil Latulippe Fund Fellowship is available to students at Université Laval who have motor or sensory disabilities.  Amount: $1500 Number: 3 Deadline: fall 2020 

Normand Brie Foundation

The Normand Brie Foundation provides financial support to individuals facing obstacles to success; students with disabilities residing in Quebec can apply.   Amount: varies Number: multiple Deadline: open at all times

Autism Ontario Education Scholarships

The Autism Ontario Education Scholarships include three scholarships available to students with Autism, siblings of Autistic individuals, or parents of Autistic individuals who are studying in Ontario.  Amount: Varies Number: Varies Deadline: July 17, 2020 

Don McIntosh Memorial Award

The Don McIntosh Memorial Award is available to students with physical disabilities residing in Saskatchewan  Amount: $500 Number: 1 Deadline: April 15th, 2019 [2020-2021, School year information is currently unavailable]

Effie Close and Andrew Jamault Bursaries

The Effie Close and Andrew Jamault Bursaries are available to students residing in Saskatchewan who are wheelchair users.  Amount: $2000 Number: Varies Deadline: December 1st (annually)